Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alex Surgery

Alex got tubes in his ears today. He has had fluid behind his eardrums for a while now, and since this can lead to hearing difficulties, they recommended he get tubes. So we went to Cypress Surgery Center at 6:45 this morning. By 7:45, we were headed out the door. It was a quick and relatively painless procedure. However, he was scared, tired, and didn't like wearing the hospital gown. So...a lot of tears were shed. When we got home, he took a 6 hour nap, which seemed to help! Here are pics of his "arm" band...which is on his ankle, a little bear they give kids at the surgery center.


Lacy said...

What a trooper!
Did you get to go back with him since you're a nurse?
Hope he (and You!) are doing well!

Nestor Vallester said...
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