Saturday, April 17, 2010


I had so much fun with Alex this Easter!! 

Alex's Easter Basket from Grandma and Papa...with a new friend...
"Shauny the Sheep"...

We had Toby and his girls over for an Easter party...including an egg hunt and dying eggs.
Abby, Madison and Alex (top to bottom)

Easter at Grammy and Gramps' house.  Another egg hunt with the cousins.  His basket was so full it was almost too heavy for him to carry.  He had so much fun!!
Giving cousin Sydney a goodbye hug...
Checking out his eggs with Grammy (great-grandma Motter)
laughing with Grandma and Papa (Motter)

Alex's New Playset

Some said it couldn't be done...put together Alex's new playset in "two evenings," as predicted by Dad (Papa to Alex). Well, we were going to try. And in true Motter style, it was done! However, the weather did not wish to cooperate. We started off the project in balmy 80 degree weather. Then the lightning and thunder came, followed by a downpour (see first pic). It was when it started to HAIL that we decided to take a break for supper. We came back to pea sized hail all over. This didn't stop us. We got more done and worked until dark. Day 2 brought 40 degrees and 30 mph wind (a 40 degree temp drop from the day before). We had on our gloves and hats. And also had the help of Alex. We got the tower together shortly before dark and then finished the swing beam in the dark. But we did 2 days! Thanks to Mom, Dad and Toby for helping....I couldn't have done it without you! :)
Yes, that's HAIL on the ground! Good ol' Kansas weather.
Progress at the end of day one...

Our work force...tired but still smiling!
First try at the new bars...
And there it is....done!
And here it is in the daylight. I have it right off the back patio...I can see it from the kitchen. It is great.
Grandma and Papa came over to try it out.