Sunday, March 8, 2009

Alex videos

Here are some recent videos of Alex. He loves letters and "spelling". They aren't all pronounced exactly right, but he has his own version, and I think it is adorable. He is definately a little sponge and it is fun to watch him learn. Enjoy!




Sunday, February 8, 2009

Holiday Pics....FINALLY!

I know I should have posted these before February, but better late than never! Alex and I had a great holiday. Enjoy the pics! Our tree and Alex's stocking....

What a cute little cowboy! He just had to try on his cousin's hat...and yes, he has TWO of them on at the same time...ha!
"Oh my goodness! What is this!?"
Helping Papa put together his new desk...

Check out the beatiful artwork. This is the first time I saw him draw faces!
Grandma's house is so much fun!
Grandma and Alex...
Helping Papa mow up the leaves...
Our little musician...